Saturday, 13 October 2007

7.04 -> 7.10 on nx8220

I upgraded from 7.04 to 7.10 (Tribe 5) by simply downloading the CD and inserting.

Update started no request and went without flaws.

With 7.10 installed, the compiz desktop effects worked out of the box (until an update to xorg 7.2-5ubuntu3. Since then the nice desktop effects are gone again (Launchpad 144077)

All in all the machine is stable. I update regularly and things work pretty stable.

Some known issues:
  • Thunderbird does NOT honor gnome-vfs. They say it should but it does not (Launchpad 105088)
  • Having usplash enabled (kernel parameter splash) the machine hangs after a resume from suspend to RAM (Launchpad 106198, 146489)
  • After resume from suspend, sound does not work (Launchpad 146491)
Other than that there are some minor glitches that do not hinder efficient work

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