Sunday, 14 October 2007

7.10 -> HP 8510p

Started to install 7.10 Tribe 5 on my HP 8510p from a downloaded LiveCD.
  • Bootup worked to the selection screen
  • Default installation dropped out into BusyBox, an ash recovery console
  • Tried with kernel parameters -irqpoll and -irqfixup (both were successful on my server). No success
  • Tried kernel parameter -noquiet -nosplash. This showed that the harddisk would not be recognised. 8510p has a 120GB SATA which worked in native mode (BIOS setting)
  • Changed BIOS SATA to Disable native mode -> 7.10 booted ok from LiveCD
  • Installed on the local harddisk. Boot worked fine
  • Changed SATA setting in the BIOS to enable native mode, booted fine still
As 7.10 rc came out that very evening, I did a complete reinstall (as there was not much customizing done yet).

7.10 rc did not hickup with SATA native mode enabled. Installed without any flaws. I ran the customizing from there.

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