Saturday, 17 May 2008

Linux week in Vienna

May 15th to 17th, the Austrian chamber of commerce held their annual Linux weeks in Vienna.

Besides giving interested visitors the opportunity for hands on experiencing Linux, topics focused on
  • Beginners and Switchers
  • Linux in an educational environment
  • Business and Government
I held a presentation together with my daughter covering our experience with (Ubuntu-) Linux and educational software. I did the theoretical part, while Paula gave a hands on demonstration of
Here are some pictures of the event.

Overall, the Linux week was a great success.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Interesting Ubuntu blog

Searching the web for solutions to my problems I ran into this interesting blog.

I also would like to refer you to a blog that is maintained by a co-member of Ubuntu-Austria, Martin Lettner.

May the force be with you.

April 30th = Independence Day

On April 30th, 2008 I celebrated Independence Day.

I had switched my last application from Windows to Linux.

Free at last.