Friday, 4 December 2009

Install HTC Sync on Windows

OK, this is not a Ubuntu issue but I thought it was worth sharing as it touches on Android usage.

If you have trouble installing HTC Sync on a Windows machine (specifically non English system language), here is a fix:
  1. Launch the MSI installer. You will run into a dialog that claims DPInst.exe can't find the drivers. In my case the system was a German Windows XP. Drivers were on the hard disk in the program folder path. Due to some hard coding of the access path in the installer, the MSI installer looks under
    C:\Program Files\HTC Sync\Drivers
  2. If this path is not available (as was on mine C:\Programme\HTC Sync\Drivers) you can temporarily create a folder
    C:\Program Files\HTC Sync\Drivers
    and copy the drivers into this path.
  3. Repeat the installation and be patient. The procedure will execute without errors.
  4. You can delete the temporary folder after the installation.

Alternatively you can create a link to the driver directory.

Hope this helps.