Saturday, 20 October 2007

Chess does not show 3D board

In Gnome, when you switch Chess (glchess) into 3D mode, you get an error dialog:
Unable to enable 3D mode

Your system does not have the required software to enable 3D mode. Please contact your system administrator and ask them to install the OpenGL Python bindings and the GtkGLExt Python bindings.

You are still able to play chess in 2D without these packages.

In order to activate 3D you need to install the following packages:
  • python-gtkglext1
  • libgtkglext1
  • python-opengl
  • python-setuptools (not required in 8.04)
I had trouble getting 3D to work on an ATI X2600 graphics card. With the nVidia card, everything works fine.


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