Saturday, 4 October 2008

Upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 (32bit)

I upgraded to 8.10 b1 today.
sudo update-manager -d
My first impression is positive. The system upgraded fine on my HP nx8220. Some visuals irritate me though:
  • Menus now have two broad lines indicating a submenu (I liked the black triangles)
  • Some icons come directly from the gnome desktop (The quit icon is a running man in green, while the original was this ring with a vertical bar on red ackground)
  • There are two ways to exit a session. One allows to switch users, the other adds shutdown and hibernate to the menu.
Some apps were dropped to maintain compatibility to Debian:
  • I used AVscan as a frontend to clamAV. This was dropped. I replaced it with ClamTK (which has a nicer GTK+ GUI). It's ok.
I had a tool that allowed to adjust the display (external monitors, frequency, and resolution). displayconfig-gtk was dropped (after being introduced in 8.04). The Preference panel "Screen Resolution" offers the functionality as well as lets the display be controlled from the panel. This is nice.

What else needs mention?
  • Netbeans comes in V6.1 (nice and fast. Core modules update from the Netbeans website)
  • MonoDevelop is V1.0 (disappointing, as V2.0 a1 is out)
  • Geany is 0.14 (offers improvements under the hood, I keep it as a fast IDE)
  • Network Manager 0.7 offers a clear and clean interface for managing network connections (there will be thorough testing this on my side)
  • There is OpenJDK with Webstart on the machine
I did not find much of a change with Gnome 2.24. Tabs in Nautilus are OK but nothing spectacular. I didn't find the promised improvements on PAM so far.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much my brother

Wolf Rogner said...

I'm glad if I can help. And thanks for the "brother". Where I live, this is not something you say to each other. I feel honoured.