Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Updating to Ubuntu 8.10 (64bit)

I recently described that upgrading to 8.10 beta was no pain at all. Today I upgraded my production notebook (as tomorrow will be the big day and I presume there will be no bandwidth available).
sudo update-manager -d
Here are some miscellaneous updates on my previous report:
  • VMware Workstation 6.5 offers a new dialog informing you that kernel drivers require updating. You can confirm and it does it automatically. (Hey, this is a feature I long waited for)
  • There is something with the new font in Mozilla. It is slightly slimmer (like Helvetica vs. Arial) and it gives a much nicer look on pages.
  • OpenOffice installation as described in my previous article works on 64bit equally well.
My thanks to Canonical (the Debian group, the Gnome fellows, the OpenOffice folks and all the others that participated). This edition of Ubuntu deserves to be called a desktop alternative.


dom said...


Today I have upgraded my HP8510p/HD2600 to Kubuntu 8.10 (i386). Unfortunately amdcccle (ATI Catalyst) does not allow to activate POWERplay which makes the fan run continuously. With the newest HP BIOS Update (F.14) the GPU is running at 500Mhz! The command aticonfig --lsp returns "Error: POWERplay is not supported on your hardware."

Perhaps you have any ideas regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Wolf Rogner said...

Hi dom,

sorry to be of not much help here. I returned my 8510p for a 8510w because of problems like this (and others).

Maybe you want to try the generic free driver provided by Ubuntu. In my case, the machine ran quieter but S3-Sleep did not work then (7.10 tested). Maybe this got fixed.

Wish you luck, keep us posted.