Sunday, 17 October 2010

Oracles OpenOffice commitment

As you might have read, Oracle is committed to OpenOffice.

As a long term follower of Oracles policy, especially its adoption of open standards, I'm pretty convinced that they will push forward OpenOffice development. First thing, Oracle made an announcement. This is definitely a good way to show commitment and support.

If OpenOffice is under the tight grip of the coroners of innovation, is there any hope for an open and free office suite?

My hope rests on LibreOffice.

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DonDamm said...

LibreOffice is looking good, and seems to have the bulk of the good developers with it. What was Oracle thinking???

Hmmm. So, you're seriously thinking of going to the dark side? Well, know that Win 7 takes a lot more resources than Meerkat. I installed them both on a used machine with an Athlon 64 X2 chip. It ran some 20 degrees hotter with Win7 and crashed as temps topped 100 C. I'm betting you'll be trying Snow Leopard out! :^)