Sunday, 22 November 2009

MSI X320 9.10 installation

I tried Ubuntu Netbook Remix on the MSI X320. It boots.

There are some things that do not work as of today:

1. SD-Card still provide error lists (card driver reports card insert-remove cycle permanently, effectively using 80-90% CPU). Disabling is mandatory in 9.10

2. Wireless does not work. There are no drivers in the media

3. Graphics adapter (or screen) not recognized. There is no poulsbo driver in the media.

This is specifically sad as Canonical announced support for Intels new ATOM processors.

I read some rumors about Intel sublicensing the driver code from RALink (which sounds reasonable because RALink provides source code on their website).

The annoying part: Nothing works out of the box.


dale said...

I just got an MSI X320 this week from J&R via for under $400 after Bing cashback. As far as the machine itself, I love it. Yet I too am battling to get it working right. I gave up on Karmic since I couldn't get the poulsbo driver to work with the latest kernels. I'll try again on another partition someday - unless Lucid comes out before I get around to it.

I've got it working fairly well with Jaunty using launchpad repos... poulsbo driver from the ubuntu-mobile ppa and the rt3090 wifi driver from

The screen brightness keys are working

What about the webcam and mic? Have you gotten these to work yet?

Supposedly Intel is committed to this chip and does eventually plan to finish the graphics driver, otherwise I'd have boxed it up and sent it back already.

Dale said...

Have you gotten anywhere trying to get your x320 to sleep yet? SDHC? Screen brightness?

I'm running 9.10 on mine now and have the graphics and wifi working. Bluetooth works, even with my Jabra headphones. Camera works but haven't figured out the mic yet. Jaunty let me adjust screen brightness, but not the latest pulse-audio & bluez. Karmic seems to have broken some ACPI functions.


Daniel said...

So how did you get it to work? I'm pretty anxious to get the graphics working since 1024x768 isn't the optimal resolution