Tuesday, 11 March 2008

SD Card not working

I remember my SD card working in 6.10. I never checked in 7.04 but as i tried to read one in 7.10 I found out that SD cards do not work on either HP notebook I have.

This seems to be a known issue. The build in Ricoh SD card reader does not work.

I found some very clever hints to work around this issue. They all seem to stem from one single source and suggest to adjust PCI settings.

One tried to load module for TI card reader (?) Excuse me. Well, I tried in vain.

Another tried to set the PCI slot to readable.
sudo setpci -s 03:01.2 0xCA=0x57
sudo setpci -s 03:01.1 0xCB=0x02
sudo setpci -s 03:01.1 0xCA=0x00
Well it did not run (i did change the slot to the correct number). Here is a script that finds the slot automatically:
modprobe -r sdhci
setpci -s `lspci | grep "SD\/SDIO\/MMC\/MS\/MSPro" | awk '{print $1}'` 0xCA=0x57
setpci -s `lspci | grep "SD\/SDIO\/MMC\/MS\/MSPro" | awk '{print $1}'` 0xCB=0x02
# setpci -s `lspci | grep "SD\/SDIO\/MMC\/MS\/MSPro" | awk '{print $1}'` 0xCA=0x00
modprobe sdhci
This one does not work either.


It seems that there are some kiddies fiddling around with code they do not understand. Worse, they introduce regression errors and refuse to fix them. Continuing development like this will not build up a decent reputation for Ubuntu :-(


Doug said...

so is there an answer for this?

I have entered the above commands also - making sure I got the numbers right.

Would be over the moon is this could be solved...

Wolf Rogner said...

In 8.10 some SD cards get mounted, some don't. Especially those formatted by my camera get mounted and opened immediately.