Friday, 16 November 2007

7.10 -> HP 8510w

Installing 7.10 on a HP 8510w (T7700, 2.4 GHz, 120 GB SATA HD, 2 GB 600MHz RAM, nVidia FX560M) works fine.

To boot the 64bit Edition you need to adjust SATA Native mode = Disabled, in order to boot the LiveCD. After basic installation, I set SATA Native mode = Enabled.

Migrating settings onto the machine worked as described for the HP 8510p.
  • Copying Thunderbird settings worked fine (with the exception of Lightning, which requires a 64bit version). A special treatment require the additional phone books
  • Migrating keyrings is as simple as to copying the gnupg directory
  • Transfering Firefox settings worked by copying the user profile to the target machine

Some things I did not get to work yet:
  • SD cards are not recognized (they are in my old nx8220)
  • Sleep mode sometimes does not resume. The fans work their maximum, but the screen remains black. This happens every 5th or so sleep and you have to reboot the machine.
All other things work fine:
  • Screen resolution of 1900x1200 was recognized and the screen adjusted correctly
  • Touchpad and the little blue nub in the middle of the keyboard work fine
  • Even though the screen resolution is larger than that of the 8510p, over all the 8510w feels faster and snappier than the 8510p.
A note on the notebook itself: The keyboard feels slightly different to the 8510p I used before or the nx8220. I have to type harder or some letters get swallowed. Also the distance of the keys feel slightly different. I sometimes miss the "i" and get an "o" instead.
Other than that, its a pretty machine.

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